Hogwarts Legacy at risk of being postponed until 2023 due to development issues, due to rumor –

Hogwarts Legacy He wouldn’t be in potable water, says Colin Moriarty, an insider, and he might risk staying Postponed until 2023. According to what was said, there will be gods development problemsUnfortunately, it is not better defined.

Currently, the role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe is officially scheduled for release in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. As always, in these cases, from It is fair to specify that we are talking about rumors, so it should not be considered pure gold. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that problems had arisen for Hogwarts Legacy, a game with rather complex handling, according to several behind the scenes.

It was recently announced that Sumo Nottingham and Red Kite Games are helping with development, which is clearly more complex than previously thought. Many at the time thought the two studies had been taken for the ultimate rush, but in light of this new revelation, the scenario changes completely. Reinforcements may have worked to try to launch the game already in 2022.

Warner Bros games She did not comment on the news and speculation that arose around her. This is the case for many publishers. After all, it is possible, in the case of postponement, that the situation is not so clear even internally, so it would not make sense to deny or confirm a rumor.

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