Hogwarts Legacy, all news of gameplay show

All of the Hogwarts Legacy news was presented during the latest Gameplay show: From characters to scenarios, from quests to spells, here’s what lies ahead.

Hogwarts Legacy is coming and looking great. There is no doubt that the link was developed by Avalanche program It makes us wait, after all until a few months ago, imagining we could get it running by the end of the year, while the launch has been pushed back to February 10, 2023, but the studio seems to be doing a really good job with this title.

Many prove it New to Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Gallery: An event that lasted forty-five minutes, in which Community Manager Chandler Wood, Game Director Alan Tew and great artist Boston Madsen, in action, demonstrated some of the elements that we will find in the game.

character editor

Hogwarts Legacy, Character Editor

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 19th century, long before the events of the Harry Potter saga, and we’ll take on the role of a student attending fifth-year courses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. The first thing we have to do in the game is to create this hero bycharacter editorwhich appeared during the gameplay presentation.

The first screen of the editor allows you to select a pre-set template to quickly get the creative process done, however you can of course go to adjust manually The various aspects of giving life to the magician that we have in mind. In this sense, the available tools seem particularly easy to use but are able to provide a great variety of options.

Scrolling through the tabs with the back buttons, we will see the many faces that are present, we will be able to change the color of the skin and maybe add a pair of glasses. We will then have the opportunity to edit Hairstyle and hair colorAdd scars on the face, modify the eyes and eyebrows, and finally choose between a male or female voice and adjust the tone of its voice to make it sound deeper or stricter.

The developers explained that during the ongoing campaign it will not be possible to revolutionize the character created with the editor, but it will still be possible to make some the changes for his appearance. However, in the village of Hogsmeade, there will be a barber where we can finally renew our haircut.

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user interface

Hogwarts Legacy, our character in the common room
Hogwarts Legacy, our character in the common room

Upon closing the editor’s arc, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy showed our character inside his room, in the school dormitory, and outlined the elements that made it upuser interface. On the right side of the screen it is possible to see a diamond with four of the more than twenty spells that we can learn during the adventure, and above a spell that can be activated via the directional panel that probably serves to reveal any hidden objects in the scenario.

Under these icons there is a character’s health bar and a second indicator for a moment shrouded in mystery, while on the left side of the screen we can see mini map Which indicates our position within the scenario. Many of these items can be set to be invisible during the game, in order to increase engagement in the experience for users who prefer this approach.

Explore Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Legacy, one of the castle halls
Hogwarts Legacy, one of the castle halls

A large and important part of the presentation was devoted toExplore Hogwarts Castlethe large main site of the game that we will be able to visit in its entirety, starting from the dormitories all the way to common room From our house, where many students meet to chat, discuss, and perhaps sit on sofas in front of a large fireplace.

When you leave the room you find yourself inside the basement, but you only need to go up to reach the most famous areas of the building, in a wonderful interweaving of stairs, waiting rooms, corridors and lounges able to convey the feeling instantly Really inside the school of magic By J.K. Rowling: It is no coincidence that the author’s novels were used as the basis for creating interiors and exteriors.

Hogwarts Legacy, Courtyard
Hogwarts Legacy, Courtyard

in the yard view Hogwarts Towers It can just hit and Wizarding World fans will literally feel right at home, comfortable with being able to know exactly where and how to get to certain areas of a scenario: an added advantage that can’t be underestimated, according to game director Alan Teo, who focuses specifically on this factor to make The experience is truly magical, and the ability to reconnect what is seen in the movies and read in the books with the game.

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The gameplay sequence in which the character moves inside the castle has reaffirmed this technical depth From this production, which seems to leave nothing to chance. Sure, opening the massive building doors a little slower could convey a better sense of “weight” and texture, but we imagine that between now and launch there will be time to fine-tune even these small aspects.


Hogwarts Legacy, our character interacts with another student
Hogwarts Legacy, our character interacts with another student

We’re sure Harry Potter fans could spend hours upon hours wandering the halls of Hogwarts looking for this or that reference to the novels, but it’s clear thatopen world developed by Avalanche Software will provide a more consistent and interesting experience than this. Besides secrets and things that we can discover simply by exploring the scenario, we will be able to interact with other characters and thus start Search.

The Dialogues They promise to be intriguing: in the demo, our character meets a student with whom he talks about magic keys and hidden safes, to which he can respond by choosing a phrase from three possible alternatives. The RPG mechanics in the pack will also allow us to give value to these exchanges, and use them to determine our character’s alignment and lead towards different final at the end of the campaign.


Hogwarts Legacy, combat sequence
Hogwarts Legacy, combat sequence

The last part of Gameplay Showcase is dedicated to fightingwhich is a certain degree of thickness thanks to the large number of spells that we will be able to access immediately, by pressing the right trigger and then working on one of the four main buttons of the console, or by pressing the d-pad to invoke a different combination: the slots will allow us to get A total of sixteen different procedures.

During the most critical engagements, when we find ourselves facing multiple opponents, we will have to cast the correct spell to unlock the enemy’s defense, based on the color of their “barrier”, while at the same time keeping our eyes open when we warn our character. counterattack.

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Hogwarts Legacy, our character walks on the covered bridge
Hogwarts Legacy, our character walks on the covered bridge

Although it’s based on a uniquely “threaded” approach, Hogwarts Legacy’s combat system seems to take its cues from good fighting style. free flowliterally a trademark of Warner Bros. products.. This type of setup will allow you to organize large-scale clashes without creating chaos, with the possibility of increasing the degree of challenge in a progressive manner.

To add thickness to this system, there will be a section dedicated to it Spelling improvementswhich the developers have not yet demonstrated, which will allow players to create a structure specific to their needs, and improve the spells that we believe are the most effective to speed up the cooldown and increase their power.

Initial sensations

Hogwarts Legacy, another glimpse of the castle
Hogwarts Legacy, another glimpse of the castle

It’s hard to hide the enthusiasm: For the ambiance and the art sector, Hogwarts Legacy is good. The game seems quite capable of giving countless Wizarding World fans exactly what they want – one Honest and emotional transfer One of the places that made the history of the saga Harry PotterFrom this point of view, the project seems to be truly inspired and irreplaceable.

It is clear that many unknowns remain: so far the gameplay has been shown 30 frames per second But since this is a cross title, it would be unacceptable to limit the frame rate in this way on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, while we have no idea how everything will play out on the Nintendo Switch or what the actual performance of the battles will be, for now it looks intriguing and well executed.

The answers to all of these questions will obviously come next February, when Hogwarts Legacy will debut on PC and consoles. Will the guys at Avalanche Software be able to complete the spell and provide us with the ultimate Wizarding World link?

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