History of the United States. The new edition of Oliviero Bergamini’s book. Presentation on June 15 in Rome



For many years now there has been talk of US decline, of a country in crisis, weakened internationally, polarized and divided internally along political, ethnic and generational lines, with a democratic system in a state of perilous upheaval. But is it really so? Or perhaps a “reset” is taking place, a redefinition of the internal structures and balances that in the past twenty years have been subjected to very strong fluctuations due to historical demographic, social and technological shifts; Will Reset prove capable of reviving American leadership, reaffirming its soft power, and reaffirming its dynamism and dynamism?

But to understand America’s future, it is necessary to start from its past. This will be the discussion approach in presenting the new edition of History of the United Statesby Oliviero Bergamini, published by Laterza; A volume that has for years been a unified reference base for the study of the country’s history, in universities and for all readers.

On Thursday, June 15th at 6 p.m., the authors, Antonio Di Bella, Francesco Clemente, and Trisha Thomas will discuss these issues at the Centro Studi Americani in Rome.

Looking for new answers to the old Jack Kerouac question: “Where do you, America, go at night in your shiny car?”

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