Historic Derby numbers

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TORRI DEL GRICO (NA) – Young people from all over Italy were literally ‘addicted’ to using Tamaguchi, while in the UK, almost anonymous JK Rowling published ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, the first release of one of the most famous literary epics and films of the last century . Across the ocean, in the United States, young Steve Jobs successfully returned to Apple, after leaving the company 12 years ago.

It happened in the world when they took to the field for the last time, nearly a quarter of a century ago Ligure Stadium From Greece tower Corals against wolves from Irpenia. They have passed well 24 years From the last derby, under the shadow VesuvioBetween the two Campania teams. L ‘The last challenge He even returns to the championship 1997/98 When on October 5, 1997 Torres He won two goals to zero againstAvellino.

Since then, the two teams have not met again, until this year. When Vesuvius returned, after 20 years of ups and downs, to play the championship Lega Pro. So after a good two-to-two draw, he scored in a restoration of the first championship match at Partino Stadium, One of the oldest derbies in all of southern Italy is back to play in Coral city.

A match, the first of the second round, which fans of national sports can only make them those who do not support, perhaps, any team. Suffice it to say that the first match between the two companies dates back to before World War II, when Torres was not called by that name.

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It has been Campania Championship, second division far away 1931/32 When Torres It wins 3 to 0 over Avellino which was founded only 20 years ago. After World War II, Torres disappeared and from his ashes in 1944 the present Torres as we know him was born – in part – today.

The The first official derby Between coral reefs and wolves in the Italian League Championship 1948. The race that once again smiled to the players will be. In fact, Turris won the measure thanks to a network of Iakrin.

Tomorrow At 17.30, the two clubs will be back to face each other on the grounds of Liguori Stadium in Torre del Greco, after 24 years. Children of mr Fabiano Thus they seek a triumph that could be historic and the calendar positive numbers are all on the side of the coral. For the people of Irpignan, in fact, the history of the last joy in Torre del Greco dates back to May 6, 1955 When wolves beat one to zero.

Numbers that actually indicate a crackling match must be followed, in the shadow of one of the oldest derby in Campania. For the rest, just browse archives of the history of this sport that continues to fascinate an entire country after nearly a century.

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