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His phone fell into a tub, and what he does to get it back is unbelievable; the details

He drops his phone in a tankHe drops his phone in a tanksometimes Fantasy outweighs reality: In this case it is a true story that comes from India. We all know that the phone has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. Specifically for this actually prof A government official has been suspended Why, after dropping his $1,200 Samsung device in water while taking a selfie, He ordered it drained to retrieve it.

It took three days, he says Prophet, to pump two million liters of water from the Kharkhta Dam, after food inspector Rajesh Vishwas dropped his cell phone while taking a selfie. But when was it found?the phone was too damaged to work. Vishwas said it contained sensitive government data and needed to be restored, but was accused of abusing his position. the official He initially called divers for helpthen paid to bring a pump and explained that he had obtained verbal permission from a local official to drain some water into a nearby canal.

The pump worked for several days. Empty about two million liters of waterEnough to irrigate 600 hectares of farmland. The discharge is stopped by the arrival of another Water Department official after a complaint: the Vishwas are suspended until an investigation is opened. Water is an essential resource and it cannot be wasted in this wayThe official who spoke to the scene told National Daily Priyanka Shukla.

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