Hiroki Totoki has been promoted to President, and will oversee all operations –

With the arrival of financial results, Sony It also announces a change to the top that above all looks like an upgrade to Hiroki Totokiformerly CFO, who will now be in the position The President, with the ability to supervise all operations company.

Totoki was already a key figure in Sony’s organizational chart, and his transition to president shouldn’t change much in terms of direction and strategies for the company, but above all, it’s a tribute to the skills of the CEO who will now have a bigger role once again. .

Thus, the 58-year-old Totoki will become President and Chief Operating Officer of Sony starting fromApril 1stWhile the current president, Kaneshiro Yoshida, will continue to retain his position as Chairman and CEO of the company. The move is seen as a way to further develop the initiatives launched by Yoshida and his predecessor Kaz Hirai.

Sony’s historical problem is that it can’t Support what started“But Totoki is seen as an operational person, able to do things quickly,” said Atsushi Osanai, of Waseda College of Business. On the other hand, shareholders expect Sony to create new things all the time, so it will be interesting to see what brings Team Totoki together and how it will be able to respond to expectations.”

Just today, Sony’s financials came out which, along with a drop in profits for the entire company, instead show an excellent performance for PlayStation, with 32 million PS5s sold worldwide.

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