Hideo Kojima works in Silent Hill? It is the same that feeds the sound –

Hideo Kojima He posted a tweet that immediately caught the attention of fans, because it seemed to contain a clear reference to the series the silent Hill From Konami. The text of the tweet is actually intended for two books, but the presence of the words Silent and Hill impressed fans, who saw it as a kind of advertisement.

To whom: “Thanks HarperBOOKS! The silent Karen Slaughter’s wife, the latest in the Will Trent series! The last window was a hijack. Then there is the atmosphere hillThe short story Full Throttle! It’s more interesting in short stories than in long ones! Looking forward to both!

We left the text in English because by translating it we would remove some of the words necessary to understand it.

Of course, don’t take the tweet as a real advertisement, because it isn’t. Maybe Kojima wanted that too troll All of them, as he often did in the past. After all, he is the master of freely interpretable sibylline messages that then lead nowhere, but will surely make him laugh a lot while watching people at a loss in order to discover their deepest secrets.

However, Silent Hill made with Kojima wouldn’t be bad. In a sense, it would be squaring the circle, given that Konami’s farewell came precisely while working on the horror series. How do you forget PT?

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