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Enduring this scorching heat is not easy, but it can be done through diet and proper nutrition. thus.

These are the months of scorching heat They are putting a strain on our immune defenses and our stamina, especially in recent years that have seen a significant rise in temperatures due to global warming. We can’t all spend two months in the tropics or in Cortina, so how can we stand thirty-five degrees in the shade in the city?

Doing so isn’t impossible either without air conditioner At home and even if we still have to go to work in July. The first step is to adjust our diet so that it does not burden us and makes us refreshed and light, which is very useful in this period. Here’s how to do it, experts say.

Fresh and light diet to withstand heat

When these high temperatures are recorded, it’s a good idea to take precautions and start eating differently to stay fresh, light, and functional even with forty degrees. Needless to say, the most important thing is hydration: Drink a lot and frequently It helps not to faint from the heat, and especially if we plan to stay for hours in the sun, let’s remember water, to re-enter everything we sweat into the body. As for food, there must be no lack of vitamins: seasonal fruits and vegetables in quantity are the right choice, preferably raw, so we also avoid turning on the oven and stove.

The fresh vegetables, In fact, I contain potassium and help unload the legs, for those who suffer from this very common problem in the summer. So let’s not forget the rich elements Omega 3 Like salmon, this will help your circulatory system and cardiovascular system work better. Also light green for chicken and lean white meat, to avoid red. But this is a little all year round.

White yogurt to add fresh fruit Or a little muesli can be a fresh, light and nutritious breakfast. The good news is that there is sundae And that nutritionists and nutritionists tell us that you can replace the main meal with a nice cream or fruit ice cream, even for a whole week! Then you can treat yourself to your favorite ice cream, without exaggerating, of course, swapping it for one of two main meals, preferably lunch. At dinner it’s worth staying light sleep peacefully Without risking overburdening ourselves too much and ensuring a calm and peaceful sleep, even in summer.

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