Here’s what people using cashback risk: ‘fines’

Declared battle against intelligent Cashback It has already started: there are no shortcuts to climb the super rank and reach the coveted prize of 1,500 euros in reimbursement offered to the most virtuous users of traceable digital payment methods.

Given that since the early stages of this maneuver, no real minimum spending to compete for the prize has ever been indicated, many have seen fit to implement the now-famous micro-transactions to stay among the top 100,000 positions in the January-June semester. 2021, or those who will then have the opportunity to reach the Supercashback.

Unfortunately a widespread practice, certainly not correct but given the regulation he suggested الذي What?, completely legal: Transactions, in fact, have the only obligation to be genuine, and therefore intended to complete a purchase, but it is not specified that such a purchase should be made in a single transaction. Merchants, for whom each digital transaction involved a certain cost, paid more for the skill.

I discovered the deception of part of the Italian taxpayers, so the government had to look for cover to find a solution that would save goats and cabbage. The initial idea, in fact, was to welcome the refund, anticipating its cancellation in connection with the desired date of December 2021. However, it was also necessary at the same time to consider that there were approximately 4 million Italians enrolled in the program, which is why the Executive has chosen Take a less radical path.

What happens to the cunning

Anyone found, or those participating in the competition suspected of exploiting the microtransaction system, are directed through Bajuba Voice messages:Repeated transactions of a small amount in large numbers with the same merchant will not be valid for the Super Cashback arrangement.. So there will be no real penalties for those who received this message, but that does not mean that there are no other consequences. There are two main types of risk to scammers: exclusion from the Supercashback rating and above all cancellation of all suspicious transactions, with the consequent reduction in the amount of reimbursement owed.

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This means that any transaction that does not meet the limits in the Cashback Program Guidelines will be automatically canceled by the system. One way is to prevent scammers from continuing to breed and get them out of the 100,000 virtuous criticism enemies rating. Whoever receives the text message will get 7 days It’s time to contest the report by completing an online form and providing the correct documentation to substantiate your claims. If successful, the transactions will be re-entered into the list of those valid for the order.

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