Here’s the new Gmail, how it changed one of the most popular apps

From small changes revolutions are born. And he must have thought of this philosophy as Google, which, in effect, applies small changes to its best and most used services. Starting with Gmail.

Gmail logo change: here’s a change we didn’t expect –

At the beginning of February, google browser announced Complete redesign of the web version of Gmail, starting with the logo and going straight to the features: Initially, this change was reserved for users of workspaces only, but it appears that Great Ji Already started in Also roll out to personal user accounts. It may be a few weeks before you notice any changes to your profile, with the new design and new logo, but Google has already explained how to enable the new UI if you don’t see it automatically, once it’s available of course. Speaking of which, let’s remember that It is necessary to activate the chat function in Gmail before proceeding with the complete redesign : To do this, go to Settings (from the button that you can find in the upper right) > View all settings > Chat and dating and activate the Google chat item.

So if you want to try out the new Gmail design, go to Settings (Always from the button at the top right) and scroll under the heading “Quick Settings” Click Try the new Gmail view”. And if the new Gmail is not to your liking, you can also perform the same procedure to get back. Other important news, however, concerns Notification bubbles, which are the new features you haven’t discovered yet: to activate it only

  • Go to the top right of the Gmail window
  • go toStatus indicator
  • Click other options ”
  • Click Chat notification settings.
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At this point, just check the boxes next to Allow chat notifications And Open chat bubbles for new messages Then click Finish. And that’s it, you’ll have activated the notification bubbles, which say they almost look cool, but of course it’s up to you to judge.

If you’re interested and want to preview what you can get started with, you can also find below a Google video detailing all the Gmail redesign news. Good vision!

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