Here’s the car restart plan

The 2021 budget for the car in Italy is very black: as of December 31, according to the Promotor Study Center, there will be 1.46 million units registered (-23.8% in 2019 and + 5.7% in 2020). For 2022, it is estimated to increase slightly to 1.5 million, with the hope that the chip crunch will begin to wane in the second half of the year. Chip shortages combined with the pandemic and the introduction of incentives in shifts and starts will affect this year’s number (the ‘plus’ score is mostly based on comparison with 2020 lockdowns). In the coming days, the government will present the maximum amendment to the budget law, through which the trade associations hope that there will be interventions to give oxygen to the sector. To add to the tension, there is also the will of Cite, the Interministerial Committee for Environmental Transformation, to put an end to the production of internal combustion engines by 2035, according to the EU line. Gian Primo Quagliano, President of the Promotor Studies Center, proposes his recipe for revitalizing the sector: It is necessary – he notes – «a three-year plan to scrap a car over 10 years old and buy a new Euro 6D with strong incentives and the seller’s commitment to double it. Therefore, a three-year plan for the purchase of electric cars will be implemented in the same way». There is also a need for an organic transition plan with supportive interventions for recharging points, adaptation of regulations to facilitate pole installation and correct information for users.

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