Here’s our interview with Daniel Kaluuya and Kiki Palmer on the meaning of the movie!

In addition to being an exciting mix of cinema genres from horror to science fiction, especially western, no Directed by Jordan Peele, a film that contains many metaphors. Much of its importance has to do with the entertainment world. Protagonist Kiki Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya tell us about it in our interview.

L ‘August 11 It was by no means the best distribution window – frankly, the August weekend is the most lucrative of the entire year – for a surprising act like the third feature film before Jordan Bell. However, in the US, where the film was released two weeks ago, Nope was hitting the box office, all things considered: it is considered the only 68 million budget To produce it taking into account the fact that it is still limited to the horror audience and the audience of non-wealthy film authors.

Nope is already operating in its own right as a cinematic experiment of the genre, leading to an unequal struggle between the Haywood brothers – notables Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya – and UFO They have come to destroy everything they have built over time. meaning of no It’s beyond the text with taste It tells of our world’s obsession with everything that can be photographed and brought to fruition.

The Honorary Actress explains to us: “I think it’s supposed to represent the reality of that We focus a lot on entertainment. We are active doers by nature that can be disposed of, because we assume that Only if something of value is photographedBe more realistic, it happened. Much of our story, or what we believe to be true, revolves around its exploitation throughout the film. This is also part of the movie

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there opera shotCapable of defining a turning point for the average American and stripping their identity from anonymity (and poverty), this film is not just an American reality, but it matters to all of us, it’s about the very way we perceive our world. clearly no It greatly satisfies its director and protagonists, with Daniel Kaluuya who advances as the next James Bond villain.

You can read our Nope review here, and you’ll be convinced to see it as soon as possible!

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