Here’s how to see the asteroid that will pass us on Friday

It’s called 7335 (1989 JA) and it’s four times the size of the Empire State Building, but fear not, its orbit distances are perfectly safe, but close enough to make it a very interesting event.

This body revolves around the sun once every 570 days and on Friday 27 May it will reach about 4 million km from Earth. I think the Moon is 384,400 km away, so it’s not that far away if pushed into massive distances of space.

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But how do you monitor its passage?

Unfortunately, it cannot be seen very far from our senses. Unfortunately not even with an amateur telescope (it would take a very powerful telescope and I don’t think you would be able to get it unless you had a space agency).

The best way for sure is to watch it live on the Virtual Telescope Project website, with the live stream going live this evening.

on this site You will be able to enjoy this extraordinary spectacle, knowing that the next clip close to this object will occur on June 23, 2055.

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