“Here’s how to proceed and who we’re going to start with” (video) –

Presented at the conference by the district president Alberto Serio With a health advisor Luigi Genesio Icardi Table of vaccination plan in our area.

The meeting, after yesterday’s meeting with Arcuri, also clarifies how the vaccinations will take place, on which priority areas the following stages will focus on and on which methods.

The plan is clarified and divided into four phases.

The first phase at the Piedmont level began with Vaccination Day on December 27 for healthcare workers and workers in the Republic of South Africa. This will end on February 21 with a guaranteed second vaccination for everyone.

The vaccine has been extended, again in the first phase, to include health professionals and health workers and will be completed on March 15th.

In “Phase 1”, he will also return more than 80 years outside of RSA with departure, as announced in recent days, on February 21.

The second phase, on the other hand, will include over 60 years of age, individuals at risk, individuals at risk and high-priority school personnel.

A reference vaccine for Pfizer and Moderna will be devoted to coma for these two phases, Aifa noted.

Phase 3, on the other hand, will target school personnel, law enforcement agencies, community settings, and people with multiple milder illnesses. We’ll actually be starting here in the next few days, working with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which cannot be vaccinated for people over the age of 55.

The first doses (20 thousand) will arrive between February 8 and 10. Starting February 15th, school staff will join. This will not be necessary in “barracks” where there is a specialist doctor who will be able to manage these processes more easily.

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In the last stage, “the Four”, the vaccination will be administered to the rest of the population.

Regarding modalities, Chair Serio and a member of the Board, ICardi, explained how important the contribution of GPs was. They will be the ones who prioritize who should be vaccinated in chronological order, based on age and disease.

The list will be listed on the platform of the local health authorities who will send a message (via email, text message or letter) where the exact date, time and place of vaccination will be specified.

To avoid clusters and to improve vaccine preservation management, vaccination will take place at 60 vaccination centers identified across the region (in the photos attached to the article, a list of all 60 hotspots on regional soil).

“We cannot guarantee the age – Sirio says – It all depends on the doses you will arrive. At the moment we can say that we are able to guarantee 10,000 doses per day. We have 3200 GPs. If the vaccines arrive, we are at the same time. “

We were the first region in Italy to enter into an agreement with general practitioners
– Icardi explained – 6 euros and 16 per vaccination. If there is an agreement at the central level, we will adapt at the present time and continue what has been achieved. “

On average, every physician in a family in Piedmont 125 watches over 80 people. In all, there are about 374,000: more than 15,000 have already been vaccinated within RSA and 358,000 are awaiting vaccination. Family physicians will accompany their patients over the age of 80 with the vaccination: at the ASL invitation, each patient will go to vaccination centers where general practitioners will be present to administer the vaccine.

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In the province of Cuneo, 6 vaccination points will be allocated to the Asl Cn1 region: at the Asl health center in Saluzzo, the Asl collection center in Savigliano, the Fossano health center, the Mondovì and Ceva collection center and the health center of Via Poggio in Cuneo.

In the ASL Cn 2 area, two points at Casa della Salute in Alba and Bra.

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