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Rai licensing fees often represent real persecution for Italian citizens. Little is loved by all, this is well known.

We are facing To one of the taxes Italian citizens may not like. The law of rai, a cross is more than fun for millions upon millions of our fellow villagers. In most cases found inappropriate The amount of the fee involved is based on what is actually the opinion proposal in relation to television, radio and the web. At least in other cases before 2016 Many flatly refused to pay the tax in question.

Rai license fee

2016 illustration Clearly it had to do with the measure adopted that year by the then Renzi government which in fact included the amount to be paid from the Rai fee within the electric utility bill. At the time, it was obvious that this ruling was contested But over the years the same work It led to a consistent rebound in stocks that millions of Italians had never paid before, which also led to a rearrangement of rampant relative tax evasion. Since then, the situation has remained the same until now, the law Pay by invoice Electricity.

Today, beyond payment methods It should be noted that paying the Rai license fee is not for everyone. After the relative application is submitted, this can be expected Actually for some classes Exemption from paying tax. Therefore the respective application must be submitted every year by January 31st. Failure to meet the deadline in any way involves a series of complications, with the obligation to implement them First six months payment Fees and the relative exemption for the next six.

Rai license fee, late arrivals warned: This is who can apply for an exemption

As expected There is an exemption from paying fees for certain categories of citizens. Being part of a private group From possible exemption

  • Those who do not have a TV at home
  • Citizens over the age of 75 With an annual income of less than 8 thousand euros and no member of the core has his own income
  • Foreign diplomats and military
  • The Dealers – Agents Resale and repair of televisions.

as specified above So there is a possibility in any case to apply for exemption after January 31 of each year. But at that juncture The first semester ends Exemption from paying fees in full. Therefore, they will be excluded from the obligations of the citizen Payments refer to the second semester, we are talking about the months from June to December. A suitable request can be submitted Through various methods that depend on the needs of the concerned citizen.

Allowed channels It allows you to submit a specific exemption request either through the web application that we find on the revenue agency platform or by registered letter. Pay the TV license It is the duty of the citizen, but in some cases, as we have seen, there is a concrete possibility to avoid supporting this very process. Millions of Italians today are still unhappy with received treatment And they hope, as many times expected, to soon return to the old method of payment by money order or somehow outside of the electric bill. In short, back to the pastMore than ever, citizens would like it.

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