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It's a good long fuel

Esselunga is promoting an excellent initiative, which is very important to save a lot of money in this period of strong increases hitting the fuel even more in Italy.

with upgrade”filled with comfort”, Esselunga offers fuel vouchers by purchasing suitable products. In fact, each product bearing a badge guarantees a certain credit, which will be converted into a fuel voucher once the €5 is reached.

But let’s see how this initiative works best.

How Esselunga’s Make Fit Promo Works

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Accumulation of credit by purchase suitable products – Package with a sticker depicting the promotion – to redeem your fuel vouchers.

more, By purchasing two pieces of the same eligible productor by choosing one of the related products as a second product, you trust This pageAnd the The outstanding credit quadrupled!

The “fuel” credit can also be charged with further expenditures, as it will remain saved in your Fìdaty card.

There is no limit to the number of fuel vouchers that can be obtained: In practice, the more you spend, the more you earn!

Each fuel voucher redeemed is worth €5 and can be used to refuel a minimum of €25 at the Q8 and Q8easy service stations.

Offer is reserved for Carta Fìdaty . holderswhich you can order for free in your Esselunga supermarket.

This initiative is valid in all Esselunga supermarkets until August 3Fuel vouchers can be used by August 21, 2022.

Let’s take some examples

On the shelves of the Esselunga supermarket, I find the following suitable products:

  • “Ace Bleach Most Gentle” (0.60 € credit)
  • “Electric Air Fuse with Lavender / Vanilla Base” (credit € 1.00)
  • “Algida Cucciolone Mini X8” (credit 1.20 €)
  • “Amadori chicken and turkey sausage 400” (credit 0.70 €)
  • “Angelo Parodi Fillets Natural Tuna 140g” (€1.00 as a credit)
  • “Auricchio Provolone Piccante 250 G” (0.70 € as credit)
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Buy all these items, thus achieving a Total credit 5.20 EUR.

at this point, I will be able to decide if I will get a €5 fuel voucher immediately upon checkout (in the form of a code printed below the receipt), or continue to accumulate that credit and then request receipts for the next few days.

Alternatively, I can speed up credit accumulation by purchasing for example:

  • 2x “Ace Bleach Most Gentle” (0.60 € credit * 4 = 2.40 €)
  • 2x “Air Wick Electric Base Lavender / Vanilla” (worth € 1.00 in credit * 4 = € 4.00)

to Total credit 6.40 €, so it can be converted into a fuel voucher. Great move to save more!

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