Here’s how a vampire was born –

How i was born Lady DemetriscoHaunted, vampire Resident Evil Village? Head coach Tomonori Takano and game director Morimasa Sato talked about it on IGN’s microphones.

The two hadn’t expected similar popularity to the character who had become a true superstar. “We intentionally made his design a little more extravagant than it was in Resident Evil 7 biohazard,” Takano said, “but we didn’t envision such a situation.”

“The idea of ​​setting the game in a village was identified in the early stages of development, after which we started thinking about Characters. In order to add magic to the scene, the characters that inhabit it are very important, “Sato explained.

“For the main enemies, we thought about the area of ​​the village each of them would travel to and the experience they could offer. This kind of approach might sound similar to what we used in Resident Evil 4.”

“There will be a few other characters in the game who will have a similar effect to Mrs. Dimitrisco,” Sato said. “To make his prototype, we reuse a model Mine Of Resident Evil 7 biohazard and dress and hat. “

“This solution gave a scary look, but we couldn’t make it scary. So we decided to increase the size – that’s how Lady Dimitrisko took the first steps,” and some subsequent technical concepts confirmed that the idea worked.

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