Here’s a hit for the pros: Here’s the hit on contributions

A surprise in the 2021 budget law also for professionals who have no cash, that’s all self employed Those carrying out an activity not regulated by any record: i Contributions They pay higher now. All this to fund the new Extraordinary Compensation for Income and Continuity of Employment (Iscro), a surplus fund for the self-employed created on a fully trial basis for a three-year period 2021-2023 under this latest budget law. From the start of the year (Jan 1), self-employed must pay an additional 0.26%, which adds to the additional rate for separate Inps management.

All the details as you remember Italy today, Contained in Circular No. 12/2021 of the Social Security Institution, which clarifies the subscription rates and calculations for the current year, illustrative tables and limits that must be taken into account when calculating the maximum and minimum contributions.

With the new 2021 budget lawContribution rate For professionals (people who are not insured in other compulsory retirement schemes) it rose to 25.98%, when it was up to the end of last year at 25.72%. The calculation is: 25.00 IVS + 0.72 surcharge + 0.26 Iscro. Obviously, it is the workers who suffer from the increase in costs, who will only be able to recover 4% for the right to compensation. As for the calculation of the ceiling and floor, “For the year 2021, the income ceiling stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 18, of Law No. 335/1995 equals € 103.055.00.”In the post, we read INPS, while in the same year “The minimum income stipulated in Article 1, paragraph 3, of Law No. 233 of 2 August 1990 equals € 15,953.00.”. The minimum annual income is set at 15,953.00 euros. It follows that those with a rate of 24% will have to pay an annual contribution of not less than 3,828.72 euros. For those with a rate of 25.98%, there is an annual contract of at least 4,144.59 EUR (3,988.25 EUR). Below, as mentioned in the INPS document, 5379.35 (IVS 5264.52 €) for collaborators and similar figures applying the rate of 33.72%, and 5460.71 (IVS 5264.52 €) for collaborators and similar figures applying the rate of 34.23%

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As mentioned earlier, the increase in cashless labor costs has been included with the aim of supporting theIscroA type of refreshment that will be ordered once for a period of six months during the three-year period 2021/2023: in the event of a decrease in income by more than 50%, it is possible to reach between 1,500 and 4,800 euros.

To cover the costs, the Budget Law raised the separate management rate for these beneficiaries by 0.26% for the current year (+ 0.51 percentage points for 2022 and 2023). In the case of collaborators, the distribution of burdens is 1/3 on the collaborator and 2/3 on the customer. For professionals who do not have cash and other categories of VAT numbers, on the other hand, the burden of contribution falls entirely on the shoulders of the worker himself, who in turn can provide 4% compensation on the bill.

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