Here’s a great way to be beautiful without makeup with this simple home remedy

Little, punk sleep is known to cause dark circles, but it is not the only cause. In fact, the ugly gray-green color under the eyes is mainly caused by stress and fatigue. What are the treatments and causes that no one talks about?

The Adrenal glands They are the first to suffer from stress and this causes bags under the eyes. These organs are concerned with the proper functioning of metabolism and hormone production. When you are over-excited and stressed, it produces too much cortisol.

This stress hormone is responsible for swelling and fluid and fat buildup. What can we do to avoid this overload?

Here’s a great way to be beautiful without makeup with this simple home remedy

First of all, the rules for a healthy life away from stress are:

A) Sleep long enough for the hours following us Biological rhythm;

B) Follow a correct diet by practicing small fasts once or twice a month to cleanse the body.

C) Exercising at least twice a week or doing long daily walks.

Additionally, we can prepare herbal teas that will help the adrenal glands to restore their proper functioning. Licorice tea is an effective solution to this problem.

Rhodiola, Magnesium, Licorice Root are all herbs and roots that can lower cortisol levels. Thanks to their mineral extracts, they can restore balance to the imperfections caused by the body fatigue. Always ask a doctor or herbalist for advice on taking these herbs. For some diseases or in pregnant women, certain amounts or types of plants should be avoided.

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How to prepare licorice herbal tea and how to also use it as a package against dark circles

Thanks to isoflavonoids, choline and betaine, licorice root will be able to purify the body. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and purifying properties, and has been used for thousands of years in the East as a digestive beverage. In addition, it will shrink the intestine and make the adrenal glands functional and functional, which will help us fight dark circles.

Here’s a great way to be beautiful without makeup with this simple home remedy. To prepare an excellent herbal tea, here are the ingredients and procedures:

A) from licorice root;

B) Half of the fennel seeds.

C) from dandelion root.

We leave these three ingredients in a closed container and mix them to make an herbal tea preparation. Then we boil hot water and with a teapot filter we dip the herbal mixture and let it work for about 8 minutes.

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