Here’s a foolproof way to get many geraniums by spending little or nothing

Among the most widespread ornamental plants in Italy, we find geranium without a doubt. Thanks to this beautiful and colorful shrub, it is possible to make each room unique and special. Be it a vase or a full balcony, a picturesque artistic effect is guaranteed.

During springtime, it is not difficult to come across this gorgeous shrub with exceptional flowering.

Precisely because of its bright and eye-catching shades, geranium has grown in popularity dramatically in recent years. The remarkable adaptability makes this plant a good fit for everyone. So let’s understand together how one can get enough geranium for several months.

Breeding by cuttings, here’s the infallible way to get many geraniums by spending little or nothing

For professionals, the method of propagation by cuttings is an ancient and very useful remedy for growing geraniums.

It all starts with a small branch that connects the fate of future crops. The cut usually comes from a damaged plant, where an attempt is made to give a second young to it. The branch in question, after proper selection, will have to be buried in a pot of the appropriate size.
It is a good practice to ensure that our future plant is in shade at all times.
At this point, once it is inserted into the correct soil, the cuttings will begin to develop.

To maximize the possibility of rooting, it is desirable to “tear off” the roots from the base. By doing this, our cuttings will fit perfectly into the soil and will increase the chances of rooting.

After an appropriate period of quench-Best if they’re far apart, first results will be noticed. After about 3 weeks, it will be possible to notice a well-organized root system. After this period, the cuttings will actually be ready to give new life to many new specimens of this wonderful plant.

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At the base of the bowl we must always put a layer of inert and filtered material. Doing so will not risk giving the plant much suffering. Water stagnation is one of the first causes of root suffocation, which is potentially fatal for any type of plant.

Here’s a foolproof way to get many geraniums by spending little or nothing.


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