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in a Budget Law 2022 A reform proposal that could improve payroll for public and private sector employees is included. Mario Draghi He has repeatedly stated that this is the time to give and not take: would it really be so? We are now in the last crisis and we will soon find out if the Prime Minister’s promise on tax matters has been fulfilled.

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As reported by NewspaperThe Cabinet is working to find possible solutions for the benefit of the middle class in particular, which is considered the most affected by the tax burden. One of the hypotheses under study is Reducing the personal income tax rate, which will drop from 38 to 36 percent. To intervene in this way, the government headed by Draghi will have a “treasury” of 8 billion euros, which will then be used to implement tax reform.

The reform proposal stipulated in the Budget Code could mean important benefits for employees with an annual income of 28 thousand euros. No tax advantage will be offered to those who earn less than this, while the closer to 55 thousand euros, the greater the savings on taxes, up to a maximum of 440 euros.

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