Here is who is entitled to a gas bonus of up to 245 euros to avoid paying the staggering bills

The legislator provided social allowances for the benefit of economically disadvantaged families. In essence, it is an invoice discount that automatically reaches those who are entitled to it.

We have already seen How to check the electricity and gas bonus deduction from the bill. Today we will go further to understand who can benefit from the discount on gas users. In other words, here who is entitled to the gas bonus of up to 245 euros and avoid paying the staggering bills.

First of all, what is the gas bonus?

As expected, the discount arrives directly on the gas bill for large and/or needy families. This measure was introduced by the legislator and managed by ARERA, the Energy, Networks and Environment Authority, in cooperation with the municipalities.

Therefore, no application should be made for its recognition. From this year, it is sufficient for the family or the citizen to provide DSU (One alternative ad) For ISEE purposes useful for a social service request. In this case, advertising will be necessary to obtain a reduction in expenses related to the use of household gas.

If the family unit falls within one of the three conditions of economic hardship described below, the INPS sends its data to the Integrated Information System (SII). The latter will transmit the received data with those related to the supply of utilities (electricity, gas, water) and will automatically credit the reward in the form of a discount.

The Three Conditions of Economic Difficulties Underlying the Reward

Below are the parameters of the invoice discount request:

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An ISEE household member must be the holder of a valid contract for the supply of gas (or electricity or water) for domestic use. Or take advantage of the active gas and/or water supply.

Each family unit is entitled to only one bonus per type of supply (electricity, gas, water) for each year of efficiency.

Here is who is entitled to a gas bonus of up to 245 euros and avoid paying the staggering bills

Let’s see at this point how much the gas reward is worth. A distinction is made between the quantities with respect to the category of use associated with the gas supply, the climatic zone, and the number of family members of the personal data. The value of the bonus is updated annually by ARERA at the end of the previous year.

For domestic hot water and / or cooking in addition to heating, households up to 4 components, we have:

  • 67 euros for climatic zone a / b;
  • 83 euros for climate zone C;
  • 109 euros for climatic zone d;
  • 136 euros for climate zone E;
  • 170 euros for climate zone F.

On the other hand, in the case of domestic hot water and/or cooking use in addition to heating, and households of more than 4 members, the amounts go to:

  • 93 euros for climatic zone a / b;
  • 121 euros for climate zone C;
  • 157 euros for climatic zone d;
  • 192 euros for climate zone E;
  • 245 euros for climate zone F.

Finally, we remind you that the government has added an increase in bonuses for the last quarter of 2021, due to the large increases underway on raw materials.

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