Here is the subdivision in Italy

More and more ATMs are shutting down, but there are areas where today there are fewer and ones that are not getting worse.

The crisis is continuing and it is also being felt in the banking institutions and thus the automatic teller machines, which are of little use. This is how things are going to the point that Starting in July, ATM withdrawals will be suspended. In 2020 alone, Italy invited 831 branches.

But not only that, last year there were only 23,481 branches in the country. The 3.4% lower than in 2019. At the moment, all over the Italian mainland, okay 2.802 The municipalities do not have a credit bureau and, accordingly, a counter where you can simply withdraw.

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ATM area by area

But how will ATMs be distributed in the regions in a very uneven way. Let’s see why. Valle d’Aosta has moved from 79 branches to 74, a decrease of -6.3%. It follows Liguria, at -5.8%, since the moment the branches moved from 677 to 638. After Abruzzo (-5.7%), Emilia-Romagna (-5.5%), Basilicata (-5, 4%), Sicily (-4.4%) , Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (-4.0%), Piedmont (-3.9%), Umbria (-3.7%), Sardinia (-3.7%), Lazio (-3.5%).

Instead, those who maintained good numbers were Puglia at only -2%, Trentino Alto Adige at -2.3%, and Lombardy, which still saw -2.4%, but still is. The region with the largest number of branches ATMs throughout Italy: 4,699.

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And things can go wrong because Withdrawal costs are getting higher, Italians are increasingly discouraged to work over the counter. More than half of the branches, speaking of statistics, are in southern Italy. Let’s talk about 57.16% Of the total, there are 5,122 offices. However, this data appears to be not only a greater desire to invest or protect savings, but also low broadband coverage and fast internet that makes it easy to access your account via a personal computer or smartphone.

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