Here is the anti-cardiovascular and intestinal fruit that cannot be lost in the October cart

It’s easy to love yourself. Just do things carefully. Choosing the right foods, for example, is a good start. There are hundreds of studies that prove the importance of nutrition for the mind and body. The rule to follow for eating good food is to adhere to the rhythms of nature. In other words: eat unprocessed products and, above all, feed ourselves with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonality of products is a prerequisite to ensuring that the food we eat is authentic. And when food is authentic, it is also a healing medicine for our health.

In October, for example, a very beloved fruit returns, which in its colors heralds the return of autumn: let’s talk about Kachi. Here is the anti-cardiovascular and intestinal fruit that cannot be lost on the October cart. Confirming the above rule, persimmon is a seasonal food that we can not ignore, because it is rich in beneficial properties.

Useful properties of October fruits

As expected, if the fruits are born in one season rather than another, there must be a reason. Perhaps it is no coincidence that with the onset of the cold season and the consequent decrease in immune defenses, nature provides us with natural medicines. October fruits, mostly, Inexhaustible sources of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

The importance of these small molecules is enormous. Antioxidants counteract the action of free radicals and cell aging. Fiber strengthens the bacterial flora and balances bowel functions. Vitamins act as coenzymes that facilitate the vital functions of our body and erect barriers where immune defenses falter.

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Small concentrations of these three essential nutrients are precisely persimmons, fruits that we cannot ignore if we care about our health.

Here is the anti-cardiovascular and intestinal fruit that cannot be lost in the October cart

As mentioned, persimmons are small concentrates of nutrients that are necessary for the regular functioning of the body. In particular, it is rich in fiber and antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular disease and burn the intestines. Many also attribute persimmon to anti-bleeding and anti-infective functions. Moreover, betulinic acid, which is present in large amounts in this fruit, appears to have anti-cancer effects. At the same time, vitamins, especially A and K, correct cell oxidation.

The khaki season is tight: it starts in October and lasts until November. For this, let’s be ready to stock up on it for the next couple of months.


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