Here is her breakfast secret

Did you know that breakfast is the secret to a good, long and young life? If you don’t believe it, this is the interesting story of this guy.

Breakfast is the secret of many diets, more often than not. This must-open meal for everyone’s day is often overlooked.

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If you skip it, you have a breakfast that is too rushed, too poor or, on the contrary, you end up overdoing it, in between Croissant, cappuccino And many other good things. But it is harmful to your health if it is one of our habits to eat it every day.

These are all wrong ways to eat breakfast and it’s no secret that it should be done in a completely different way. So why is it important? Because it must provide us with the energy needed for lunch, eat a moderate snack as a break.

And breakfast is really a very important moment for such a man who is 75 years old But that proves much less. Fifty if not even forty something. This guy is truly amazing and would make a lot of us feel guilty because he doesn’t have the same dedication to staying fit as he does.

The secret is in his breakfast: This guy does it to look infinitely younger

His name is Xinmin Yang, has Chinese citizenship, and although he has long passed the retirement age in many countries – he is 75 years old – he looks calmly fifty and even younger. how? Not only with breakfast but also with constant and continuous training, without breaks, from 1984 to today.

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It seems that Xinmin Yang is capable of this lifting 170 kg. By the way, see How to do easy exercises Comfortable at home to improve your fitness in no time. His story easily piqued the curiosity of the media and in the interviews he published, he explained what his daily routine was. Eating well and training are the real cornerstones.

In the end, taking care of the body through exercise has become more than just a habit for this person. It’s a complete hobby. And Xinmin Yang will not stop until at least 2028 when it will be shut down The 80 lumens.

It all starts with breakfast

Returning to nutrition, the 75-year-old who is definitely the fittest of all time credits this perfection in terms of physique not so much to exercise as to what he has been eating for decades.

Xinmin Yang weightlifting session (Instagram photo –

particularly for breakfastAnd It is not sweet but salty. there So many excellent foods that we can eat We are also very easygoing and with great taste. Morning yang starts with:

  • Six eggs
  • option;
  • tomatoes;
  • oatmeal from cereals;
  • Chicken breast.

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And it is really true that the more healthy an individual eats, the better the consequences for his body and health. If we also want to try to imitate this personal trainer, we will inevitably have to intervene in our habits at the table and even move away from them, when it comes to eating.

However, this thought should prompt us to improve our diet not for the sake of the aesthetic factor but for the sake of what is related to health. Bad eating on the other hand can also end Reducing life expectancy.

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