Here is a simple way to shape your eyes and get a face-lift effect

Needless to say: makeup is our best beauty ally. In fact, makeup is a very valuable aid to hide some small imperfections and enhance other points of our face. Suitable for both young and old, it can be made specifically for each individual need. One of the most common problems encountered over time is hooded eyes and drooping eyelids. These features give the appearance a more tired look. In addition, they visually reduce the size of the eyes. But here is a simple way to shape your eyes and get the effect of a face lift.

First, it is important to make a suitable one Skin care before moving on to makeup. This will allow our skin to prepare for subsequent products, so that the makeup will last longer. So, let’s start by cleaning the face with a wash that is suitable for our skin. Next, let’s apply a serum and moisturizer. Let’s not forget to apply a good eye contour: it will be necessary to moisturize the eye area.


Here is a simple way to shape your eyes and get a face-lift effect

After applying our skincare treatments, we can start with makeup. First of all, we need to apply foundation all over the face, in order to make the makeup products take root better and make them last longer. Then we apply the foundation. To avoid marking expression lines, it is good to apply a light and imperceptible foundation, which does not make any visible imperfections. At this point we apply concealer, in this case also it is good to choose a light and moisturizing concealer. If we feel the need, we can put a little earth on the cheekbones to sculpt the face and a cover of blush to color the face.

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eye makeup

The lifting effect eye makeup is very simple, and what is required is a little craftsmanship that custom gives. It is therefore necessary to practice this method constantly, in order to drift and do it gradually with more and more nature. Let’s first apply the eye rule.

Then, using a well-tolerated neutral brown pencil, we will make very small strokes over the entire upper rhyme, paying attention to making thin, not very thick strokes. We will also have to outline the outer part of the eye, in order to lengthen the gaze and give a raised effect. Let’s blend the stroke with a blending brush and add an eye shadow of the same color as the pencil to fix it and give depth.

We’ll blend the same eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye while we’ll apply a lighter shade across the upper eyelid to brighten the look. We finish it all off with plenty of mascara and our skin-lifting effect makeup is ready.


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