Here is a climbing plant with large, inquisitive leaves that decorates and purifies the air of the house

Connecting with nature, taking care of plants and following their growth leads to multiple benefits. Indeed, making time for these small bushes allows you to relax, relieve stress, decorate the apartment and the garden.

Creating green spaces in the house and choosing the right plant for each type of room allows us not only to decorate the darkest corners, but is also important for our health. In fact, remember that plants have a great talent for absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into clean air. for example , This refined and elegant plant is enough to purify the air and combat stress.

Here is a climbing plant with large, inquisitive leaves that decorates and purifies the air of the house

It is precisely for this beneficial function that it is very important to choose plants carefully. Indeed, today we want to introduce our readers to a special and very useful shrub at home: philodendron or philodendron.

A tropical plant with a columnar habit that is perfect for decorating any apartment. Philodendron includes many species, but all of them have aerial roots, special and very large leaves. Its leaves are very shiny, bright, large and of various shapes: heart-shaped, oval, or lobed.

But philodendron also has another property. Indeed, here is a climbing plant with large, inquisitive leaves that decorate and purify the air of the house. That’s right, philodendron will have a great ability to filter the air and get rid of pollutants and toxic substances.

How does this plant grow?

Philodendron is a very unpretentious plant to care for, as it does not require special attention. He loves bright environments, but does not come into contact with sunlight and is very afraid of cold. Watering should be abundant in the summer months, while less during the winter. We always pay attention and avoid the presence of water inside the dish.

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Furthermore, it needs soil rich in organic matter and good fertilizing every 30 days. As for pruning, there is no specific period for doing this type of operation. We remove the leaves only when they are dry.

We pay attention to aphids and parasites that can attack our plant, especially cochineal and spider mites. Moreover, we always check the health of the leaves, because they can turn yellow with the sun or suffer from excessive watering.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers towards the tools in the house or in the garden. That is why it is recommended to take the utmost care and care with the tools of the house and garden to avoid unpleasant accidents anyway, it is highly recommended to read the warnings given Who is the”)

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