“Here in Italy it is difficult for the fans to follow the matches”

And the American football player, Jazmin Jacquemon, entered through Viola’s official channels, and talked about various topics, from the moment the team was formed, to the differences between the Italian and football stars and stripes and predicting the next 2023 World Cup, and these are its considerations:

“The team is achieving amazing results, and we hope we can continue like this. In Italy the game is very different than in the US. I needed a period of adaptation. The style is different, in the US the game is much more physical. And direct, while here the rhythms Slower. More importance is given to technique and tactics. In the United States, women’s football is more important in terms of broadcasting. Here in Italy it is difficult to follow the matches, in fact it is difficult. I know that my family cannot follow me from afar. I hope there will be more Opportunities in the future to pursue women’s football I have always dreamed of becoming a professional football player, I started at six thanks to my father who was a coach, then in college I really started to believe that I can do it, and now I am living my dream.The next World Cup?It will be a competition Exciting, and the difference between the different teams is fading.”

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