Here are three Whatsapp tricks that will be very suitable for you

More news about Whatsapp: The application is about to introduce three important features, which will surely make millions of users around the world happy. Let’s go find them together.

News coming to Whatsapp –

The WhatsApp Returning to the office after descending is ready for a massive revolution in its features. The world’s most popular messaging app has already been delivering some news lately, and much more recently, practically one a week or even less, like Ephemeral or voice messages can be heard twice as fast, And Three functions Which should arrive in the future will be more important and will make Whatsapp more appreciated by users. There are many rumors about it, and it comes from these rumors as always webinfo, who has the opportunity to discover all the news of the app and test it closely, is obviously able to use the beta version that Whatsapp always makes available as a trial ride.

Let’s start with the most awaited function and perhaps the one that will be used the most, namely:

  • which job It will allow all users to hide their last login from only certain people, as they choose. Job must be called “My contacts except” And it will be found among the privacy options, a feature that everyone is more or less certainly happy to use: in fact, users, who previously could only choose between showing or hiding the last access to everyone without exception, will be able to create a blacklist for sorting And block the last view of access only to certain people. Very useful if you don’t want to let some people know that you are online.
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Here is the other news

But the news, as we told you at the beginning, did not end here. Whatsapp also intends to introduce a new feature, but a little later, which will allow this Transcribe received voice messages. A particularly appreciated function for those who cannot stand the very long sound and for those who cannot listen to them at that moment.“Copy” will translate words into text, even if the operation can only be performed when you are online, such as when you have to send messages through the app, which must be connected or connected to wifi for it to work.

Another novelty, this time completely related to social networks, is the introduction of Reactions to messages are received. Just as it is already happening on Facebook and Instagram, it will be possible to touch the message and add a smile, a thumbs up or a sad face, without necessarily having a conversation that has stopped. The option will be available not only for individual conversations, but also for groups in which the response is sometimes important.

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No news has been released yet on whether these features will be launched in one go and for all users or if we will have to wait a bit. However, in case we update you, we will know more.

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