Here are the winners of the “Fly with us” program for travel from Cuneo Airport to Monaco, Trapani and Olbia.

Today, at Cuneo Airport, the winners of the “Vola con Noi” competition were revealed, in which 11 vouchers were awarded for the largest number of flights for two people (round trip), with take-off and return to Cuneo Airport.

The raffle competition, designed by Confcommercio Cuneo and WeCuneo, together with Geac (the airport management company), has been launched, with input from the airlines, to celebrate the resumption of communications after the lockdown and to promote tourism. Those who made purchases between July 15 and 31 at 75 stores in Cuneo who joined the initiative can participate. Flight vouchers must be used by October 31, 2021.

“The improvement of the Cuneo-Levaldeje airport is very important and in recent years significant economic and financial interventions have been made – says Luca Chiapella, president of Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia in Cuneo -. Through this initiative, we wanted to be side by side with the merchants, who We thank them, with the parallel aim of making our airport known as a new important hub in the region. We will soon be preparing new similar initiatives to promote the airport. Infrastructures are strategic and essential in this land on the edge of the empire. Cuneo-Levaldeje Airport, the economic center for outbound and inbound tourism, is increasingly. The competition has been met with the hoped-for success: many customers of the participating companies were enthusiastic about the initiative,” concludes Giorgio Chiesa, President of WeCuneo.

Here are the selected winners, who will receive an official contact via email and/or phone. Coupon winners Dolomiti Airlines (Cuneo – Munich round trip): Vincenzo della Pina (Pinerolo), Gianpiero Gerudo (Cuneo), Ana Chiara Esposito (Gaola), Federica Dalmaso (Cuneo), Mauro Stefano Baudina (Cuneo). Buster Voucher Winners (Cuneo – Trapani round trip): Stella Bruce (Fernant), Giada Ferrara (Bovs), Victor Bardoli (Cuneo). Volotea voucher winners (Cuneo – Olbia a/r): Elsa Marchetti (Busca), Erica Monge Roffarello (Busca), Roberta Scavone (Cuneo).

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