Here are the Ten Commandments with the ten steps to take

They’re not finished yet but we’re making the list to cleanse yourself after the holidays: we figure out the task of detoxing.

the Concerts You have not yet reached the end of the line, in fact, We are still in full swing, although this year the weather is far from a holiday given the latest epidemic data. But despite this, there are many who do not give up eating even among a few close friends.

And even if the parties this year were of a smaller size, at least in terms of the number of participants, it is not said that you did not eat as much as before. In fact, many, out of boredom, consume more food.

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Then after all the bad things about the holidays, it’s good Run to cover by starting a file A detox program to purify the body and get rid of waste and toxins from the body: discover all step da fare.

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Here’s how to cleanse yourself after the holidays

After the Christmas and New Year’s shifts, scheduled for tonight, take the photo The task of detoxing. If it’s true that the holidays aren’t over yet, because the Epiphany is missing, we’ll still have to start looking for cover, especially if we’ve gone too far.

Purification after the parties
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Then it becomes purification after the holidays Essential to get rid of all the extravagance that occurs during lunches, snacks and dinners. The body is clearly more tired. Flatulence, which is a classic symptom you feel after eating a large meal.

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That is why we have given you in this regard some ideas for emptying the abdomen such as Fennel herbal tea oh no Shrink kiwi drink. A great way to cleanse yourself.

Then we find out The Ten Commandments to Cleanse Yourself After the Christmas Holidays: These are the 10 steps.

1) Consume fruits and vegetables. They are essential foods for purification of the body because they are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Line allies, we must consume at least 5 servings a day. Especially fennel, artichokes, apples, lemons and kiwis.

2) Make 5 meals a day. A varied and balanced diet is important to ensure all nutrients. Skipping meals is not a good habit, on the contrary, it risks slowing down our metabolism, causing us to eat more at the next meal.

3) Making snacks. Based on fruit or yogurt, these foods help us not feel hungry at the next meal.

4) olive oil for seasoning We avoid all greasy seasonings like butter and prefer extra virgin olive oil that is naturally without abuse. It is even better if we add it raw, otherwise it is also useful for cooking in small doses always.

5) Reduce the use of salt. Which leads to water retention. By consuming less, we will immediately feel less swelling and heavy weight. Instead of salt, we use more spices that add flavor to food without making us fat.

6) Avoid preserved foods, snacks, and those rich in additives. It is better to eat fresh foods that do not contain chemical additives. Cleansing also means eating healthy, good food.

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7) drink water. To purify the body it is necessary to moisturize it. So, even if it’s cold and we’re less inclined to drink water because we feel less thirsty than in summer, don’t forget to do it. Water enhances digestion and also helps us eat less food at the table, which immediately gives us a sense of fullness. On average, we should drink at least a few liters per day.

8) Move. Having all the limbs on the sofa or in bed does not promote weight loss or even purification of the organism. The ideal is to do at least 30-40 minutes of physical activity per day. Not only that, movement also has powerful beneficial effects on the mind and body.

9) Drink herbal tea. As mentioned in the beginning, herbal tea is also important for our purification, which helps us get rid of excess waste. We can choose from those that have fennel, milk thistle, coriander, artichoke, dandelion, etc.

10) Take probiotics. Yogurt is a food that we should usually include in our diet as it helps us restore balance to the intestinal bacteria.

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Are you ready for the task of detoxing?

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