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Let’s get acquainted with the innovations related to the car tax for 2022. When it expires and above all at what time payment is mandatory

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New year, old tax. This can be defined as car tax cHe will also accompany the Italians in 2022. For those who are not aware of it, it isVehicle ownership tax, which must be paid on an annual basis.

organized by the individual RegionsFor this reason, the regulations and amounts differ according to the territory of affiliation. The revenue agency only intervenes in the event of non-compliance.

Car Tax, Old and New Owners: Who Really Pays? The law answers

Car Tax 2022: Due Dates and Expected Payments

One of the distinguishing features of this mandatory payment is Custom deadline. Deadline for each It is calculated based on the first payment of tax. as a result , The tax must be paid annually but not from January 1 to December 31.

For example, if the money payment is scheduled from February 1 to 28, 2022, then the car tax expiration date is January 31. Practically speaking, there is time for the entire next month to pay off one’s debts, which is why there is nothing to fear once the date is over the mark.

But how much is this honor? Who has never entered into the good graces of Italians? To find out your amount car tax It is necessary to consider Community legislation on polluting emissions present on Certificate of Registration.

Thus it is possible to find out the order affecting the vehicle and multiply the corresponding value for each kilowatt of vehicle power. Tax related to calendar year 2022 can be paid At Aci . Centers (Italian Automobile Club) or directly on the Aci online portal.

Auto tax, pay attention to the deadline: scams and penalties are around the corner

Alternatives (perhaps more convenient) are the post office, Lottomatica betting shops, ATMs and ITB tobacco sellers. All that remains is to take note of the expiration of your stamp and keep it in mind so that you are ready in time and avoid unpleasant consequences.

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