Here are the most dangerous devices

However, it is often overlooked, we invite you to pay attention to the radiation of the smartphone. Below are the devices that produce the most.

Now so affordable, it’s always a good idea to be careful when buying one smart phone. In fact, some models seem to produce more radiation than others. So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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The past two years have been particularly difficult for everyone due to a whole series of factors, such as Covid. In fact, the latter has led us to change many of our habits, so much so that we have recorded an increasingly extensive use of various technological devices, such as smart phone.

Now within everyone’s reach, we always invite you to pay maximum attention when you buy one smart phone. This is because there are some models that seem to be producing more radiation from others. So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Smartphones, here are the devices that produce the most radiation: everything you need to know

We’ve already seen together how important attention is According to a recent study, smartphone radiation may cause this serious disease to appear already at a young age.

A position that is often underestimated, but that must instead be given the utmost attention. He knows her wellEnvironmental Working Group Conducted a few years ago a study aimed at focusing attention on the health risks of smartphones, as well as providing information about related radiation.

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In particular it can be concluded that there Devices that produce more radiation from others. Among the smartphones in question, as reported by Tecnoandroid:

  1. T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (1.55 W/kg);
  2. BlackBerry Curve 8330 (1.54 W / kg);
  3. Palm Treo 600 (1.53 W / kg);
  4. T-Mobile shadow (1.53 W / kg);
  5. Palm Treo 650 (1.51 W / kg);
  6. BlackBerry Curve 8300 (1.51 W / kg);
  7. BlackBerry Bold 9000 (1.51 W / kg);
  8. Sony Ericsson P910a (1.5 W / kg);
  9. HTC SMT 5800 (1.49 W / kg);
  10. BlackBerry Pearl 8120/8130 (1.48 W / kg).

These seem to be some of the most prolific models radiation. Besides, the latter, as mentioned earlier, should not be overlooked, especially when deciding to purchase a new device.

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