Here are the most amazing and extraordinary places in the world to celebrate

Seasons come and go. However, one deserves to celebrate in the best way. It is the vernal equinox, the day when the beautiful days of spring begin. Below is a ranking of the best places to spend it.

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The most suggestive destinations for the 2023 Spring Equinox

March 20, 2023 is a day that should be celebrated for many reasons but the most important of them are related toSpring equinox Which marks the beginning of the warm season, harvest and is a time of prospects and good intentions. Lonely Planet has provided some useful information to spend this day in an unforgettable way by choosing 30 enchanting destinations, which can also be chosen for a possible trip of fun, fun and vitality. There are even structures designed to experience the perfect balance between day and night in an intense and direct way, both of which last 12 hours during the vernal equinox.

In this special arrangement you can’t miss it El Castillo in Mexico: here is one of the most famous pyramids in the world, the pyramids of Kukulkan. Needless to say, one is enchanted upon seeing this majestic work immersed in a forest Yucatan. Legend tells of this deity, Kukulkán, who took the form of a feathered serpent appearing to the ancient Maya civilization and wishing his people prosperity and a rich harvest. On the day of the vernal and autumnal equinox, going up the stairs, with shadows, forms snake-like ribbons 36 meters long with a head carved into stone.

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Another enchanting place is the archaeological site of Stonehenge and its majestic stone slabs laid in a circle since the Neolithic era in a completely mystical way. Today this area is a destination for dozens of miles of tourists as well to watch the sunrise on the days of the equinoxes and solstices, waiting for the sun’s rays to align perfectly with the stones that were stationed at that point thousands of years ago.

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Other places to celebrate the vernal equinox

Two more places not to be missed if you want to witness the amazing vernal equinox are: Chaco Canyon National Historical Park Located in the area four corners In New Mexico, USA, where there is a house named after Rinconada which are completely enveloped by sunlight at the vernal equinox which will reflect light which penetrates perfectly into a place in the wall and Basilica of San Petronio to Bologna Which represents one of the most famous solar observatories in the world, especially during the equinoxes and solstice periods.

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