Here are the healthiest and lowest-fat cold cuts that are perfect for those who have to pay attention to figure

The rumor we often hear when it comes to cold cuts is that it’s bad. but it’s true? Partially, yes, but the mistake is always to generalize.

There are dozens of types of cold cuts that accompany us in everyday life from an early age: from sandwich to snacks Biyadina On a lunch break. Some should be avoided, while others are also suitable for dieters.

By continuing to read, you’ll discover healthier, more authentic cold cuts that have less fat, and are ideal for those with an eye for figure.

Raw pork, turkey and bresaola

Cold cuts have always been on Italian tables. If the interest in healthy eating has increased in recent years, this does not mean that all cold cuts should be prohibited.

In fact, many nutritionists recommend some cold cuts in the diet: pork, turkey, and bresaola.

Turkey is definitely the smallest of cold cuts, it is rich in minerals and low in fat and cholesterol. However, you should pay attention to the quality of the product so that you do not risk buying a cheap, but not very original turkey.

The BresaolaOn the other hand, it is a light, low-calorie, and extremely delicious food that is among the most recommended by nutritionists.

Finally, raw pork is very tasty and like the other two types is low in fat and many minerals. Therefore, these three cold cuts have excellent nutritional values ​​and are also highly recommended for those who follow a low-calorie diet.

Makes sense, choosing fresh and quality products will always be better than prepackaged products.

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Here are the healthiest and lowest-fat cold cuts that are perfect for those who have to pay attention to figure

While it is true that these cold cuts should not be banned from the diet, it is also true that excessive consumption may be harmful. In fact, there is a direct relationship between high consumption of preserved meat and the emergence of some types of cancer. These include breast and colon cancer.

However, this relates to fatter or lower-quality products, or eating very large amounts of deli meats. So, if you do not go beyond consumption and choose high-quality products, then cold cuts will be a healthy and delicious addition to the diet.

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