Here are the five new features that few people know about

It often happens that the note Implementation messaging renews its features: let’s discover together the latest news The WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp is an app instant message, is now spreading like wildfire among anyone who owns a shared smartphone with an internet connection. In fact, it represents Incredible communication toolAbove all, because it allows you to send an infinite number of messages without any cost.

Whatsapp: The Five Unmissable News (Pixabay)
Whatsapp: The Five Unmissable News (Pixabay)

Over the years, top management and the technicians who work behind its functions have tried to accommodate it Most popular requests from users. This is how voice messages were born, the ability to hide access, then access to groups, the ability to silence chats etc. despite of genius from the past Updateslast account real turning point. Here are the top five innovations of the popular app The WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp: Senior management renews voice messages

  • Listen to messages without staying in the chat: This job was popular remarkable success, especially since users have been demanding more freedom when playing voice messages for years. Previously in fact, to hear the full message It was necessary to stay in the sender’s chat. A real annoyance in front of those friends who want to send five-minute vowels. Now, the leaders have partially solved the problem.
  • Audio playback acceleration: Specifically in reference to gossip friends and relatives who send five-minute audio messages, The WhatsApp He decided to come to our rescue, giving us a chance playback acceleration From the sound (1, 1,5 or 2) if the latter turns out to be particularly boring.
Whatsapp: Leaders renew the application's singing
Whatsapp: Leaders renew the application’s singing
  • Pause and resume the audio at your convenience: Originally, leaving a chat while listening to an audio message inevitably resulted in having to listen to it again. With new features, You can pause the sound at your convenience and pick up exactly where you left off.
  • Stop recording and start again freely: You have to reply with a voice message but something is interrupting you? Previously, You should have started recording it all over again. Now, thanks to the new updates, you can stop recording and Turn it back on when you wantthen send the complete audio to the recipient.
  • Listen to the recording before sending it: Last but not leastPerhaps the most important innovation. With the new update, you can Listen to your voice again before sending it to the recipient. This way, you can re-log it in the face of any errors and make sure bad (and unwanted) numbers don’t work.

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