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X-Box Announced that a small number of Xbox Insiders can now access Voice chat on discord On Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. An update is coming “soon” also for non-subscribers.

Discord voice chat will be supported on Xbox, via a existing Which will show who’s calling and who’s talking. It will also be possible to change the volume for each user you talk to, as well as switch between Discord chat and Xbox.

You’ll need to connect your Discord account to your Xbox by going to the Party and Chat section. The transition will be handled via a QR code. A new option to join Xbox will appear in the Discord mobile app. You’ll need to have the Xbox app to be able to transfer a voice chat from your Discord account to your Xbox account.

Discord on Xbox

service will be Expanded in the coming weeks And right now, as mentioned, it’s only available to a small number of Xbox Insider users. This new Discord for Xbox feature will help gamers stay connected with their friends even when they’re not on the same platform – it’s a great way to make the Xbox ecosystem more open.

We remember that too Play Station It has an ongoing partnership with Discord and some features are also available for Sony consoles.

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