Here are the destinations to watch due to Covid

We are now in the middle of summer and vacation It’s already over for many of us, and for others it hasn’t even started. With mid-August just around the corner, many Italians are eagerly waiting to pack their bags and leave for their long-awaited holidays.

but after The epidemic does not stop And many sites are at risk both in Italy and abroad, due to the ever-increasing spread of the Delta Variante.

Therefore, despite the risk of infection for 70% of Italians, the Covid emergency does not affect mobility options, as evidenced by the data collected beforeOsservatorio Autopromotec. According to the study, the state of health emergency does not affect Italians in choosing the mode of transportation by which they can reach their holiday destination. However, the consequences of increased infection are now fully known.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention and know the real situation of the regions in Italy and the countries abroad, in order to Don’t miss out on summer vacation In complete relaxation but Choose your goals carefully.

Vacations in Italy: which regions are most at risk

Italy, with its natural beauty and artistic cities, is among the favorite destinations and not only for the convenience of being able to reach your destination by car.

When choosing which region to go to enjoy the well-deserved holidays, it is advisable to keep an eye on the colors of the regions. at presentItaly is still empty, but there are two areas that are beginning to be compromised and are frighteningly close to the yellow area: Sardinia and Sicily.

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Due to some agglomerations determined by the tourism movement, the two zones are in danger of being overrun with the yellow zone, which in no case should be done before the end of summer. There are three requirements that must be overcome at the same time:

  • The infection rate exceeded 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Recruit terapy capacitor 10%
  • occupation Ordinary departments at 15%

Unfortunately, Sardinia has already reached the recruitment rate for Covid in intensive care 10%, which is a worrying number, given that last Wednesday alone it was 4%. The doubling happened in just one week. Occupancy instead of the normal family is equal to 5%.

in a Sicily, The situation is no less serious, in fact, normal hospitalization around11%. Outside the islands, there are other areas to watch carefully. In fact, the Lazio, although 70% of vaccinated adults reached 5% Intensive Care Employment.

There are others in danger Liguria, which within a week doubled intensive care employment, equal to 6%, and the Calabria which was instead found with 9% of employment in regular departments.

Other areas to watch the second Ecdc (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) are Tuscany and the parades.

Holidays outside Italy: what is the situation abroad?

single 1.5 million Italians He chose to go abroad, aware of the risks they would take if they were injured. To be able to safely plan a trip abroad, the casualty map was developed byEcdc.

So let’s see in detail which countries are most at risk.

  • Spain. It turns out that the Iberian Peninsula is not only one of the destinations most loved by Italians, but also one of those at risk: in fact, some regions have colored themselves. Dark red On the ECDC Covid-19 map. Among these popular destinations are IbizaAnd Menorca NS Palma and the Catalonia. It now has some rules to restrict infection including a curfew, social distancing and a mask to be worn in public.
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In turn, Spain considers Italians at risk from the regions: Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Autonomous Province of Trento, Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto. So you will need to green lane.

  • Greek islands. The islands are located in the south of the Aegean Sea Dark red. Here the situation is getting worse and not all excursions are recommended except for those of a necessary nature. Among those who passed through the red zone we find the most popular destinations in Greece such as MykonosAnd Santorini NS Rodi. Restrictive regulations such as masks in public places have also been introduced in Greece; the green lane Even just sitting in restaurants and bars.
  • Morocco, West, sunset. One of the most popular destinations for Italians in North Africa is now one of the most vulnerable. In fact, since Tuesday, restrictive anti-Covid measures, such as the ban on those who do not, have returned green lane For travel to the metropolis of Casablanca and the two most popular major tourist sites such as Marrakesh and Agadir. Here, too, the night curfew from 8 to 5 in the morning has been reinstated.
  • France. France has all the amenities of a holiday, with discos and more, only if you have a green pass, valid as a certificate for visiting museums and cinemas. From next week, the green lane will also be required for bar seating and masks are mandatory indoors.

Continuing with the list of countries abroad, it is necessary to know that entry to the United States is suspended for travelers who in the past two weeks have been in a country of the Schengen area (and thus Italy), in the United Kingdom, in Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, China or Iran. The entry ban for Italians is also in place in Canada.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has banned entry and exit from its country, until September 17, 2021.

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