Here are the dates for the next Valve event –

After the success of the latter Steam Game Festival, Valve announced that a new similar event will be held soon. Specifically, you get started From June 16 to June 22 (It always starts and ends at 19:00), we’ll have the opportunity to try several game demos again on Steam. There will again be room to speak with the developers, follow the live broadcast, and learn new information about upcoming Steam games.

For developers, the Steam Game Festival is an opportunity to “get player feedback and build an audience for future Steam launches.” This will contain a new event Game demos scheduled for release in the second half of 2021 And there will be no demos already suggested with the previous Steam Game Festival.

Obviously, some games will be featured: Valve will check “every page in the store, including screenshots, trailers, and descriptions” to determine which games will be featured during the upcoming Steam Game Festival. For Early Access games, only games not yet released with a playable build will be included in the event.

Steam Game Festival is also a great way for players to discover the next best games and be able to try them well before release. At present, especially in the standalone field, the products that are being brought up are a lot on computers, and following up on each issue is really complicated. This kind of event is A very important service to society.

At the previous Steam Game Festival, we had the opportunity to try several games: an example is Genesis Noir.

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