Here are the ATP and WTA wildcards. Tim and Kenen – OA Sport stands out

Double dose of wild cards as far as Indian Wells is concerned, both at the Masters 1000 level, and therefore the ATP, and at the WTA 1000 (in the first case, the debut is in 2023, in the other, the second). Between the well-known and lesser-known names there is a lot to untangle.

In the field of men, the most famous name is obviously Dominic Tim, with the Austrian doing everything he can to get back to where it once was, even if the results so far have certainly fallen short of his fame. with him Jack Sock, and the American also has his merits, being among the top ten, the ATP Finals champion and among the best performers. Other invitations go to China Yiping Wuwidely, and to the USA Brandon Holt and Alex Kovacevic.

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The policy on the WTA does not change much compared to usual practice: most of the expensive cards go to the youth line. The real exception is Sophia Kenin, which is valid for the same argument as Thiem. to watch Katie McNally and Katie VolinetzRecently, too Elisabeth Mandlick, who may soon not be just the daughter of Hana Mandlikova. There is also a custom non-US invite Diana Ystremska: It can be interpreted on a tennis level and on a larger level in terms of the important signal.

Now it remains only to find out the composition of the board, which is 96 players. And this year, for the first time, it won’t be just Indian Wells and Miami that will be showing off: there will also be Madrid, Roma and Shanghai (if you play) in the same boat. Shanghai’s case is valid for ATP, also because the WTA has yet to release a post-US Open calendar.


Dominic Thiem (Austria)
Jack Sock (USA)
Yiping Wu (China)
Brandon Holt (USA)
Alex Kovacevich (USA)


Sophia Kenin (United States)
Emma Navarro (USA)
Ann Lee (United States)
Katie McNally (USA)
Katie Volentis (USA)
Peyton Stearns (USA)
Elisabeth Mandlik (USA)
Diana Ystremska (Ukraine)

Photo: La Presse

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