Here are some tricks to make a beautiful, longer-lasting potted flower bouquet

Women’s Day is approaching and you will likely receive a bouquet of flowers or mimosa. The problem with cut flowers, however, is that they always last for a short time. One is forced to dispose of it immediately or dry it possibly for reuse as it Dryers. But there are a few tricks that can help make it last longer. Let’s see it together.

Here are some tricks to make a beautiful, longer-lasting potted flower bouquet

The first thing to do if you pick a bouquet on your own is to check its ripeness. Not quite, buds are fine, too. But they must already be on the verge of hatching. And they should show bright color. Otherwise, they will wilt instantly. Once home, you must follow this procedure before passing it in the pots. It can be left in its original packaging, especially if it was given to us as a gift. But she is immersed in the kitchen sink. In fact, they need to absorb enough water before putting them in the vase.

Cut off some stump

Once soaked in the water in the sink, the scissors should be taken out. It will be necessary to cut a few centimeters from Stems. I recommend a slash cut just like the florists do. This step is used to remove the part of the stem that has already been in the water for some time. Otherwise, it will rot quickly.

Now the bouquet is ready to put in our favorite vase. In clean, room temperature water. You can also add some specific products for cut flowers. They are found in all gardening stores. These products help give the flower the nutrients it needs to last longer. And then the pot is placed in a place that does not receive direct sunlight. Otherwise, the flowers will not survive. And every two or three days, just add clean water.

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Here are some tricks to make a beautiful, longer-lasting potted flower bouquet. It is very important not to place the flowers near the fruit. Because the ethylene it produces also affects the flowers. And remember to always not let the leaves come in contact with the water.

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