Here are all the canceled events in Italy

Rome – Like Fourth wave of Covid-19 And with Italy approaching thirty thousand new cases per day, there are many municipalities Events planned to celebrate . are cancelled birthday and the New Year 2022. The list is growing day by day. From Genoa to Milan, from Treviso to Padua, and from Rome to Mantua, there are many cities in it Events in the arena have already been cancelled.

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Rome has canceled the New Year’s Eve party at Circus Maximus

Capitol abolished New Year’s party in Circus Maximus. The major events advisor, Alessandro Onorato, has formalized the event’s farewell due to Covid. “Everything was ready to celebrate the New Year in style and return Rome to the center of the big events. We have selected some great Roman artists for the reboot, great location like Circus Maximus and impeccable organization for safety. but now Our priority is and must be protecting the health of the Romans Avoid gatherings “that’s why” we had to cancel the partyCommissioner Onorato said.

Turin, Le Russo: “No public celebration”

mayor TurinStefano Lo Russo declared that there would be no party: “We cannot allow gatherings, this is our first obligation to ensure the health of our citizens. Obviously, we can’t even celebrate New Year’s Eve. Within these narrow stakes, we will try to move in and do it as best we can“.

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Campania, de Luca bans parties in the square

same situation a Naples With Mayor Gaetano Manfredi who confirmed how “In Naples, we will assess the progress of the epidemic day by day. We are at a very delicate stage: in the balance between the spread of the virus and the ability to contain itHead Campania de Luca regionIn agreement with the extension of the state of emergency Covid, I signed a decree banning the holding of parties in the square new years. “We can’t imagine crowds of tens of thousands of people without masks“He said”I think any party in the plaza should be banned if we are to calm in the following months, because we risk insanely a week of closure for months after New Year’s Eve“.

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Holidays canceled in Lombardy, Liguria and Veneto

Square concerts have been canceled in both Lombardy, and it is highly anticipated that concerts in Milan and Mantua, as well as in Liguria and also in Trentino. As for the Veneto, There will be no events In the cities of Padua, Treviso, Venice, Verona. In Rimini, on the other hand, it has authorized events scattered throughout the territory but not at one point in order to avoid gatherings. “Saying no to street parties on New Year’s Eve is definitely an appropriate element of caution‘, explained the president of Liguria, Giovanni Totti. There is no end of year party in Rapallo and Sestri Levante. Even the mayor of Mantua, Mattia Balzzi, declared: “We chose to forgo the big concert, right there now The priority is to keep the epidemic situation under controlAvoid events that will create large gatherings, and vaccinate everyone

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