Here are 7 bonus housing units 2022, and single family homes

For all interested, Here are 7 Home Bonuses 2022 for condominiums and single-family homes that should be taken over immediately. Because among the tax deductions, credit transfers, discounts on the bill, to renovate real estate and make it more efficient at this moment, there is only the embarrassment of choosing.

In fact, here are 7 Home Bonuses 2022, ranging from the most significant metric, which is the 110% Super Bonus, to the Restructuring Bonus. Pass by furniture bonus, earthquake bonus and water bonus. But not to forget the match bonus and the face bonus. here then all info.

Here are 7 Home Bonuses 2022 for condominiums and single-family homes. It must be taken on the fly

In detail, among the 7 2022 Home Bonuses, Super Bonus 110% It will have a long life. Until 2025 for residential units. Whereas today, for family homes, interventions are eligible for incentives for 2022 only. In compliance with a limitation of 30% SAL by next September 30th.

Among the 7 Home Bonuses 2022, it is also very popular restructuring bonus and the Mobile Rewards It is connected. This allows you to buy large businesses with tax discounts as well household appliance to High energy efficiency.

From earthquakes to facades Bonus through water bonus up to 1,000 euros

The samponos It is accessible for catalytic seismic retrofit work. Whereas, out of the 7 home bonuses for 2022, the water bonus is a contribution of up to €1,000. Thanks to it, among other things, it is possible to renovate the bathroom. Finally, also for 2022 there Additional interfaces. But compared to last year, the discount has dropped from 90% to 60%. In addition to 7 2022 Home Bonuses, in addition, we also report Bonus number eight. This is one for Awnings, mosquito nets and gutters too with bonus 110.

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