Here are 3 effective treatments for grandmothers for colds and sore throats

Autumn is a season also known as sickness season. This season, colds, sore throats and the flu arrive. Usually, this happens during the first colds. In fact, after our bodies get used to summer temperatures, a return to cool fall temperatures can cause minor illnesses.

This type of disorder usually lasts for a short time, a few days at most, but if it lasts for a longer period, it would be a good idea to see a doctor to agree on the appropriate treatment. On the other hand, if at the same time we want to help our bodies heal faster, there are always natural remedies. So, here are 3 effective grandmother’s remedies for colds and sore throats.


These remedies do not completely replace the opinion of the doctor, it is always necessary to refer to him for any clarification or doubt.

Oftentimes, people tend to refrain from taking medications to treat minor ailments such as colds or sore throats. Instead, in these cases, he prefers natural remedies, which our grandmothers have been using for generations and handed out to us. They certainly will not completely solve the problem, but they are able to relieve symptoms and make the course of the disease less unpleasant.

Here are 3 effective treatments for grandmothers for colds and sore throats

Warm milk with honey is one of the most well-known and appreciated remedies. In general, any hot (but not too hot) drink is a comprehensive remedy for relieving the symptoms of a cold and sore throat. If additionally del Mile In abundance, the drink will become softer and more comfortable.

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You can drink it in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before bed but you can also drink it during the day whenever you like. Those who are lactose intolerant can replace milk with any other hot drink of their taste.

Ginger is also said to be a very important ally against sore throats and colds. Our grandmothers took it as an herbal tea, boiling fresh ginger pieces in water for about 10 minutes. The result is a slightly spicy drink that will instantly relieve a sore throat. Honey can also be added to this herbal tea, to make everything sweeter.

fresh licorice

Not many people know that fresh licorice can also be used to relieve sore throat pain and colds. Fresh licorice root can give us a feeling of instant relief that makes us better experience the moments of colds and sore throats.


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(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and is in no way a substitute for medical advice and/or the opinion of a specialist. Moreover, it does not constitute an element for formulating a diagnosis or prescribing treatment. For this reason it is recommended, in any case, to request Always consult a doctor or specialist and read the warnings provided. Who is the”)

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