Hello! Universal Studios Hollywood will have its own Super Nintendo world


Hey Nintendo, we can’t believe we questioned you at all. We thought you’d let another March 10th pass without a problem, or worse, like Actively remove Mario stuff from our lives – But you proved us all wrong!

Today, on this Mario Day, we have an exciting new announcement: Super Nintendo World, after success at Universal Studios Japan, is also coming to the US.

And… that’s all we know! Will it be a Japanese-like experience, which focuses heavily on the overall Super Mario look with a test drive or two and coffee, or will it be Big Rollercoasters? Mostly not. But you don’t like to drive a missile near you Super Mario Sol? or the small cart from donkey kong? Or literally any of the files Mario Kart 8 tracks? Energy!!

The head of Nintendo’s 3rd party wallet administration, John Vignucci, posted a photo of the park in action:

could Read all about the Japanese game Super Nintendo World by clicking hereSo tell us which bits you’d like to see in the US version! Is it food? the goods? lovable frog life? It’s a frog, isn’t it? He told us it was a frog.

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