Heating your home without stoves and radiators: how to do it

If you do not have radiators at home, there are viable alternatives to heating the house without using expensive electric heaters.

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Although I every day cold first Already appeared in most areas Beautiful country. For this, many Italian families They are taking precautions to make up for Slow and gradual decrease in temperature.

Most homes are equipped with radiators or electric heatersBut when these tools are not available at home (or you decide to scrap them because of their cost), how can the problem be solved by trying to contain costs?

Heating the home: economical alternatives to radiators and electric stoves

In order not to affect the Invoices experiencing increases at this stage silent crossingAnd There are two basic options.

The first is more suitable for large environments such as lofts or open spaces where you want to create a fireplace atmosphere. This is a biomass stove like a stove that contains pellets, stones, etc. Some of them, being air powered, allow heat to circulate in the environment and ensure a satisfactory level of heating. As for consumption, it varies depending on the size of the stove and when it is left in it.

The second hypothesis (not for savings or importance) Relates to infrared radiant panels or panels. More suitable for small spaces, they allow you to keep your home warm and at the same time save space (the panels are attached to the wall) and do not have to deal with annoying noises.

This system Works directly on walls and objects And for its part, it has a huge advantage in terms of consumption, given that They limit heat dissipation as much as possible.

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In addition to being important allies in the face of the winter cold, the above systems It is also more aesthetically compatible with modern furniture styles. radiators NS electric stoves Sometimes they can feel left behind. a Pellet stove or infrared panel It positively jumps more and more to the eye.

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