Heating and appliances: how to save on your bill

The first cold has arrived, and with it, the fears of citizens who find themselves suffering from high electricity and gas prices have increased. Let’s see in the following article how you can save something on your bill by adopting simple precautions when using heating and your most frequently used appliances.

The one at the gates will be a winter Is characterized by very high rates subordinate Gas Based on Mild.

Let’s see how to adopt the gods Simple daily precautions using household appliance or the heating It can bring benefits to Italian families’ bills.

Heating: saving tips


The first tip to follow to try it Savings on gas quota related to heating It’s about the temperature you should set inside your home. Italian legislation requires respect for an equal maximum temperature 19 °Cwith a tolerance of + 2 ° C, but the maximum number of hours the heaters can be kept in a day is variable.

Lower the temperature a few degrees It can be the first step to saving on your gas bill.

Moreover, in an energy-efficient home, thermal systems can distribute heat even during shutdown: for this reason it is also recommended Reduce burning hours.

How to save on devices

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essential for Save on your electric billhe is too home appliance management Found in the Home: Roughly 60% of energy consumption in the home, in fact, derives from electronic devices connected to power sockets.

one of them Replacement with higher power class models It can generate significant cost reduction, as well as a clear positive impact on the environment. According to ENEA, for example, replacing a worn-out refrigerator with the latest generation can result in a 40% savings.

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Also related question Typical standby mode for technological devices It can have an effect, albeit a small one, on consumption. The TV in standby mode, for example, alone absorbs a share of power from 1 to 4 watts. Looking at the whole house, it makes sense to infer how desirable it is Always turn off standby modepossibly using a multi-plug power strip with a breaker

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