Heat sickness and panic attacks. Passengers call ambulances –

From Fabio Paravisi

A plane bound for Egypt was lost in order to delay its place and remained stationary on the runway. The cockpit became an oven and the travelers called 118

It’s hot on the street, hot at home, in the office, and in the car. And it must have been very hot even on that plane which had nearly two hundred people on board crammed waiting for departure in the confined spaces of economy flights, which are parked in Bergamo airport runway in Orio al Serio. So much so that in the end it was the passengers themselves who called the 118 and called the ambulances. And yes, a certain amount of heat must have been budgeted for, because those who boarded the airline’s UJ931 yesterday in Egyptian They were heading to Cairo Where yesterday it was 39 degrees.

The problem was that takeoff was scheduled for 17, but passengers were able to board the 193-seat Airbus A320-200 later than scheduled. This made you lose prestige in flight, which is the time window in which takeoff was scheduled. And the plane with its passengers had to stay on the runway waiting for the new hatch: the departure time was initially moved to 20.

Aug 3, 2022 (change on Aug 4, 2022 | 00:37)

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