Heat emergency in Greece, stop working during the hot hours. Tourists are in danger

An emergency has been called in to deal with Cleo, the anticyclone that will raise temperatures above 40°C. From the Ministry of Labor comes the mandatory downtime for employees in the hot hours. Tourists are also at risk, and the Red Cross distributes water for free

alert all over Greece because of Cleo, heat wave Gripping the country in the grip of sweltering heat can raise the thermometer up to 43°C.
The national authorities are ready to receive everyone necessary measures To help people deal with it extreme heat which is expected to continue for at least another five days. In fact, the extremely high temperatures are expected to have a potentially serious impact on health in the Greek capital, AthensAnd in cities Thessaloniki And LarisaAccording to the Meteorological Unit of the National Observatory of Athens.

In the hardest hit areas it was announced Level 3 alert Because he fears dire consequences for those who are exposed to it.Ministry of Health It put all public hospitals on alert, with one being taken into custody on Tuesday urgent meeting In the Ministry of Civil Protection, with the participation of all the competent authorities, to update the existing strategies to deal with the phenomenon.

Thursdaybut most of all Friday, it will be among the hottest days. Forecasters have already predicted a peak 38 degrees Celsius. The Ministry of Labor ordered b Mandatory stop for workers during hot hours, Starting at noon on Friday, working remotely for those who are part of the most vulnerable groups and therefore most at risk.

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Risky tourism

Having dozens of Thousands of tourists visit in historical location. the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni ordered an increase in precautionary measures: umbrellas will be installed on the Acropolis in Athens and in In cooperation with the Red Crossit will be Free water distribution On hot days.
Many tourists decide to queue to get to the sites already in the early hours of the morning, hoping to escape from the heat of the hot hours. The authorities are also evaluating The possibility of cutting working hours For some archaeological sites at specific times.

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