‘Heart attack’, an ambulance in Buckingham: only in the hospital

Bad news from Buckingham Palace, an emergency call for an ambulance, had a heart attack: rushed to the hospital. The English nation is concerned about its health conditions. The crown risks losing a reference point.

Drama in Buckingham
Drama at Buckingham Palace

There is no good news for one of the most important members English royal family: He had a heart attackThe crown risks losing it forever. new drama He faces the life of the most ruling dynasty in the world.

Buckingham Palace shakes

Buckingham Palace is in a panic. Queen Elizabeth can’t find a moment of peace. His family is going through complex period, among the most difficult in recent years. His health conditions worried the subjects of the English nation.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace – LettoQuotidiano.it

Lately, we’ve been seeing very little around us, both at public events and at events organized by the Crown itself. The Mobility problems limit it a lot And when she is seen in public, she is always accompanied by her faithful wand.

But It’s not what’s causing concern in the UK. It comes like a thunderbolt out of the blue The news that really shocked everyoneEven the people were speechless. he is, One of the main representatives of the crown, He had a heart attack: An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. Ownership involves really big risks.

Who is the real one who had a heart attack?

The anxious English nation No good news from the royal familyBuckingham Palace under media siege. Prince Charles is not wellHe had a heart attack.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles – BedQuotidiano.it

This is the last indiscretion Reported by many national and international tabloids screaming for emergency. The crown risks abandoning his future heir to the throne. But what happens to the Prince of Wales?

It seems that Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son is Constantly under pressure. The mother, most likely, intends to abdicate and immediately make room for him and his wife Camilla.

So Charles is preparing to become King of England Judicial and social pressures are certainly heavy and oppressive for him. but this is not all. Even marital problems with Camilla Parker do not make him happy.

It is rumored that A lightning divorce May be announced soon, Camila’s alcoholism problem is troubling. The Duchess of Cornwall has no intention of getting help and her habit risks embarrassing her Royal family But above all Carlo who no longer knows how to support his wife.

But there are other problems, too. son of queen elizabethas well as the future heir to the throne of England, She also has problems with her brother, Prince Andrew of York. As you know, the father of Eugenia and Beatrice, the two English princesses, He was charged with state fraud, sexual harassment, and involvement in the Epstein case.

It was he who brought shame and humiliation to the royal family, He will now find himself at odds with Carlo. In short, the situation is not the best and The Prince of Wales is always tense and stressed.

These negative events prompted him to feel physical discomfort, which led to a Heart attack: An ambulance was called and the prince was taken to hospital. Fortunately, his health conditions today do not concern you. The future heir to the throne is fine But as the doctors advised, he should live his condition as a more peaceful king because his health is in grave danger.

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